+++ Radio Arcadio, The best mix of news, music and propaganda +++ Only on 99.1 +++ Live from Arcadia City +++ hosted by John Chell +++ Powered by HEAVEN Industries +++ THE NEWS +++ Rannesanque's Feuersturm Cookies Light now cholesterol-free: Arcadian Consumer Care: "Taste even worse now" +++ Space Elevator deemed "biggest mistake since free cake fonds": More Debris rain announced for next Tuesday, no more free cake starting Monday +++ New Demon Healthcare: First Eternity in Hell now free of charge +++ Robots don't get robot rights: Still have to obey Asimov's Laws or go to Android Hell +++ Freak magnet shut down: Singularity Generator below Celestial tower was shut down; Soon end of Singularities "improbable" +++ Renegade lawsuit over: Allowed to resume being called "Renegades" +++ Ted's Cottage cheese accused of containing genetically engineered cottages: "science" proven not to be a valid ingredient for food products +++ Johnson's Tea Party Movement beat down by government police: We're not allowed to call them "C3s" anymore +++ Reana proven to be dead: Really, she is +++ "Clone" deemed politically incorrect: New term is now "Laboratory Arcadian" +++ More Feuersturm Agents to be shot next Sunday: Free entry for children and seniors, special low Family Rates! +++ Matthew Garand elected new Major of Jonaston: 100% approval by voter +++ Team Slow not really Slow: Still Awesome though +++ Zenith accused of being a wasp: Leading Biologists disagree +++ PENIS still unwashed: He's dirty; someone wash him +++ New Graveyard in the City to be run by Acolytes: "Man of the Century" Cyborg Necromancer to attend opening ceremony +++ Red-haired Dutchman found guilty of Pedophilia: The Pedofinder General did +++ Admiral Stein's Homemade Sauerkraut not actually homemade: Also found to contain volatile fish-shaped sediment +++ Levidian Scientists prove "Undead" is in fact a physical state of superposition: Vampires, Ghouls and Zombies proven to be in a superposition of Live and Dead states, a physical phenomenon first observed in the Schrodinger’s cat experiment +++ Captchas racist against robots?: Judge decides this weekend, Robot right activists to be disassembled +++ Cake found to be a lie: It was a triumph +++ Vampirism proven to be a STD: Similar to AIDS, Vampirism has been found to be a viral disease transmitted by (some) body fluids, vaccine still causes sparkling skin and homosexuality +++ New Arcadian Prime Minister to Nuke Moon: "No personal motives involved" +++ This is Radio Arcadio 99.1, the best mix of news, music and propaganda +++ powered by HEAVEN Industries +++ paid for by Arcadian Taxes +++ Weather: More Space Elevator debris expected +++ Next Broadcast to be online soonish +++


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